In the new year, many of us make resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle. One aspect of a healthy lifestyle is exploration and adventure, thus satisfying the mind and body. Add a little adventure travel to your life, and you're sure to feel healthier all around. So this year, treat yourself to a fit-cation!

Don't worry - we know your R&R time is precious, and we're not suggesting you have to go non-stop on your vacation (unless that's what you're looking for!). Balance, the key of leading a healthy lifestyle, is also the key to a great fit-cation.

So what is a "fit-cation"? It doesn’t have to be a “vacation” you spend every waking moment grinding your body into the ground, leaving you in need of a vacation from your vacation! A fit-cation is simply a trip in which you get in some physical activity each day, exploring the area, followed by some time to relax and and be free of distractions. It is a detox from most (if not all) forms of technology, and opening yourself to being in the moment. It is about disconnecting and resetting, spending more time with people you love and connecting with them, and the outdoors, experiencing wildlife and nature, feeling a greater meaning in life, and returning home rejuvenated with a healthful mind and body.

You don't have to leave the country (although you could), or even use up all of your vacation time in one sitting. A fit-cation can be right in your backyard, in the city you live, in the state you love, or in another country. It can be by a beach, in the mountains, by a lake, in a desert (this is starting to sound like a Doctor Seuss book...). The options for fit-cations are endless.

So, if you’re up for it, make a resolution this year to take care of YOU by treating yourself (and your family, friends, or significant other) to a trip both reviving and relaxing, physically and mentally. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Happy fit-cationing!

North America

River Souls Journey - Our River Soul Journeys are perfect for both new and seasoned yoga-lovers who also love the outdoors. These river-based spiritual retreats combine guided meditation, yoga and river rafting in secluded portions of the American West.




Sea Kayak & Whale Watching in Baja - This popular wildlife adventure in Baja combines sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez with whale watching in Magdalena Bay, one of the major calving lagoons for gray whales. The ultimate Baja trip, you'll get to kayak and snorkel in the magnificent beauty of Loreto Bay National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortez, hike around the beaches, and experience one of the most incredible wildlife encounters on the planet - touching grey whales.


Johnstone Strait Kayak with Orcas - Your time in Johnstone Strait will be filled with a variety of activities. On our basecamp trip, plan to kayak 4-5 hours per day to different areas of the strait, allowing for hiking, tidepooling, natural history talks, and wildlife viewing.





Everywhere Else

Active Ecuador Short – Multi-Sport - This adventure is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. You'll bike, hike, horseback-ride and more around this beautiful country. Bike in Ecuador's cloud forest to discover one of earth's biodiversity hotspots, hike to the town of Otavalo and visit the world-famous market filled with food, crafts and rare objects, and ride up to a mountain lodge on horseback to enjoy a traditional, delicious dinner.



Galapagos Unbound - A truly unique adventure that includes a wide variety of activities. This trip is the only Galapagos Islands vacation that includes two nights camping on the islands (we are the only tour operator with permission from the Galapagos National Park Service to provide this option). While the Galapagos Islands are famous for their wildlife, there is also a human population located in four small towns within the National Park. Our tour provides a holistic view of the entire Galapagos ecosystem including the human element since that is also very much a part of the landscape. This Galapagos adventure includes sea kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and incredible wildlife viewing.

The Futa - A Chilean Adventure - The Futaleufu is one of the most famous rafting and kayaking rivers in the world. The glacial fed turquoise waters winds through lush Chilean rain forests, sleek granite cliffs, and beautiful green valleys while surrounded by stunning Andean Peaks. Your week with us will be spent on the challenging whitewater rafting of The Fu (one of the river's many nicknames!), repelling down waterfalls, inflatable-kayaking down rivers, and relaxing at our luxurious rustic lodge. You'll also spend time in the homes of local families learning about their traditional ways of life. After a week with us you will feel as our guides do; that as INCREDIBLE as the river and our adventures are, it is 'everything else' that will leave you breathless and create a place for this unique place in your heart forever.

GO BIG OR GO HOME! Peaks of the Balkans Discovery with Albania Discovery by Kayak Extension - If you're looking for an incredible journey in a land less-discovered, combined with a variety of adventure and landscapes, this is the trip for you. Montenegro and Albania are wild, mountainous and home to still-untouched forests, rugged rivers and a rich tapestry of culture. After an amazing trekking & cultural adventure through Montenegro and Albania, including hiking on a new international peace trail in the Dinaric Alps, you'll head to the Albanian sea. A rich tapestry of cultures woven together, historic threads and colorful characters, Albania, borded by the Adriatic and Ionian seas, and by Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, is a country of mountains, rivers and fabled shores. There are Greco-Roman ruins, Orthodox churches and Islamic mosques. All this awaits your discovery! The Albania Discovery by Kayak Extension offers a wonderful mix of walks, paddles and explorations.

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Treat Yourself: Resolve to Go On a Fit-cation this Year

In the new year, many of us make resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle. One aspect of a healthy lifestyle is exploration and adventure, thus satisfying the mind and body. Add a little adventure travel to your life, and you're sure to feel healthier all around. So this year, treat yourself to a fit-cation!